Imagine a world where disease reversal is possible


Imagine a world where disease reversal is possible

A New Model

Scientific freedom focused on making medicines

Altos merges the best of academia and industry to discover and develop medicines that can transform people’s lives. From academia, the freedom to pursue the most challenging problems in biology, and from industry, the drive, mission and focus on patients. This model promotes deep collaborations, and harnesses the passion and commitment required to transform scientific breakthroughs into medicines.

Discovery Engine

Designed to unite great minds

Our mission is to reverse disease, injury and the disabilities that occur throughout life by restoring cell health and resilience through cell rejuvenation. Achieving this goal requires more than just great science. It requires a unique work environment; one where diverse perspectives are welcomed to further scientific innovation and inquiry; one where everyone shares a commitment to achieving our mission; and one where big questions are asked and collaboration is embraced throughout our journey of discovery. These qualities are foundational to Altos and we work to make them a reality every day.


A powerful computational ecosystem

Altos embraces machine learning and computation to enhance our ability to understand fundamental biological systems. We are developing multi-scale generative models to unravel the language of cell health, organ health and the complex relationship between them, across biological hierarchies. To build our models, we are generating a significant volume of high-quality data internally while also integrating external data sets. We have established a dynamic and agile computational ecosystem across Altos that links the deep knowledge of our experimental biologists with computational scientists, all focused on our mission.


Translating breakthrough science into breakthrough medicines

Through harnessing the power of cell rejuvenation we aim to restore cell health and resilience and ultimately reverse disease. We focus on bringing together discovery and translation, so that the progress we make in the lab has the potential to change peoples’ lives for the better.


Guided by pioneers in science and industry

Executive Leadership

Search people

Scientific Advisor

Institutes of Science

Pursue deep scientific questions and integrate findings to advance progress towards our mission.