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Peter Walter, PhD

Distinguished Investigator, Bay Area Institute of Science

Peter Walter, PhD
"I see Altos as a unique opportunity to channel my energy into discovery and exploration of perhaps the most exciting question in biology: How does life renew itself in every generation to a healthy, youthful state? Altos promises a culture of true collaboration, freed from the pressures of short-term thinking that permeates so many aspects of today’s biomedical research culture. We are aiming high - putting health, rather than disease, at the center of a new vision of health care."

Dr. Peter Walter is a Distinguished Investigator at the Altos Labs Bay Area Institute of Science.

Peter is also a Distinguished Professor in the Department of Biochemistry & Biophysics at UCSF. He was a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator until 2022. His laboratory has produced groundbreaking research related to the identification and characterization of key proteostasis networks including the Unfolded Protein and Integrated Stress Responses. In addition, Peter has the vision to leverage these observations into novel therapeutic interventions. His contributions to science have been recognized with many distinguished awards, including the 2014 Lasker Award and 2018 Breakthrough Prize. Peter has put together a select group of world-renowned experts in neuroscience, cell biology, molecular biology, microbiology, and RNA biology to make Altos Labs a reality.