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Delphine Larrieu, PhD

Principal Investigator

Delphine Larrieu, PhD

Dr. Delphine Larrieu is a Principal Investigator at the Altos Labs Cambridge Institute of Science.

Prior to joining Altos, Delphine was a Wellcome Trust Sir Henry Dale Fellow and an Assistant Professor at the University of Cambridge. Her work has been focused on exploring the mechanisms linking nuclear envelope dysfunction with aging and premature aging syndromes (progerias). Delphine has developed pioneering approaches based on the principle of synthetic rescue to identify novel targets that can reverse several age-related nuclear envelope phenotypes. Her current work involves the characterization of new markers and modulators of nuclear envelope integrity, to unravel the mechanisms underlying nuclear envelope dysfunction, improve our understanding of premature and physiological aging and contribute to the development of novel therapies.

Delphine co-founded Adrestia Therapeutics, a synthetic rescue company whose aim of restoring cellular balance in genetic diseases was directly inspired by her work. The company was recently acquired by Insmed.