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Dr. David Baltimore, PhD

Lead Independent Director

Dr. David Baltimore, PhD
"I am honored to serve as the lead independent Director of the newly formed Altos Labs. Altos will build on the remarkable developing understanding of the alterations of cells as they participate in the myriad processes of the human body over its life span. The goal of Altos will be to reverse the ravages of disease and aging that lead to disability and death, reinvigorating and extending the quality of life. Altos will provide an unparalleled environment for collaborative discovery and has already attracted the most impressive group of investigators to the daunting task of reversing ill health and taking medicine in a new direction."

Dr. Baltimore was a member of the Independent Citizens Oversight Committee of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine until 2007.

He co-chaired the National Academies’ Committee on Science and Technology and Law from 2014 until 2022. He served on the Board of Directors for MedImmune until 2007, Cellerant until 2008, Calimmune until 2017, Amgen until 2018, and Immune Design until 2019. 

He is a member of numerous Scientific Advisory Boards, including the Broad Institute, Ragon Institute, Regulus Therapeutics, Vir Biotechnology, and Volastra Therapeutics. He has published more than 740 peer-reviewed articles.