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Thore Graepel, PhD

SVP and Head, Computational Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning

Thore Graepel, PhD
"I joined Altos Labs because of the unique opportunity to team up with world-class biologists and explore how AI and Machine Learning can be used to understand and control biological processes with the goal of maintaining and restoring the health of our cells."

Dr. Thore Graepel is the Senior Vice President and Head of Computational Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning at Altos Labs.

Thore was previously Chair of Machine Learning at UCL, and has led research teams at Microsoft Research and DeepMind. He co-invented AlphaGo, the first computer program to defeat a human professional player in the game of Go. Major industrial applications of Thore's work include Xbox Live’s TrueSkill system and Bing’s AdPredictor system. His work on predicting personality traits from Facebook data served as an early warning sign about privacy concerns in social media. Thore advocates for responsible innovation and served as a Board Member at the Partnership on AI. At Altos, he is building a world-class team in computational sciences, AI and ML to enable breakthroughs in cell health and rejuvenation.