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Bikash Sabata, PhD

Vice President, Software Engineering

Bikash Sabata, PhD

Dr. Bikash Sabata is the Vice President of Software Engineering at Altos Labs.

Bikash joined Altos Labs from Roche Diagnostics, where he was the VP of Software Systems at Roche Sequencing Solutions, leading the software development for the sequencing platform. He worked for Roche in several positions, including those of Head of Imaging and Software for Digital Pathology, Head of Advanced Workflow and Analytics, Head of Software for Ariosa Labs (NIPT CLIA Lab in Roche Sequencing), and Head of Architecture for Personalized Health Care (program in Roche Pharma and Genentech).

Before joining Roche, Bikash was the Chief Technology Officer of BioImagene, where he oversaw the development of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms for digital pathology and led software engineering. Bikash started his career as an assistant professor of Computer Science at Wayne State University, then moved to SRI International, where he was a Senior Scientist while simultaneously serving as a part-time Research Associate at Stanford University. In addition, he has held positions at multiple startups, including those he helped found, such as Primitive Root and Aginova. His background gives him a wide-ranging viewpoint on the nexus between AI and the life sciences.

Bikash is driven to translate research ideas into marketable products that can change the world. To this end, he draws on his extensive experience and a deep understanding of technology and solutions in the areas of AI/ML, computer vision, medical informatics, omics, medical imaging, digital pathology, and intelligent distributed systems. Bikash holds a PhD from the University of Texas at Austin with a focus on computer vision and AI/ML.