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Cheri Curry

Vice President, Procurement

Cheri Curry
"Honored and inspired to support cutting edge science to better humanity."

Cheri Curry is the Vice President of Procurement at Altos Labs.

Cheri is a procurement and operations leader. For over two decades, she has served in global biotechnology and pharmaceutical organizations, and in the MENA region at a state-of-the-art international biomedical research center, during various stages of organizational development, including startups, large R&D and manufacturing operational activities, and mergers & acquisitions. Cheri supports scientists to devise sustainable procurement strategies, systems optimizations, maintain strategic relationships, and provide expert negotiation skills. She co-led a COVID task force to protect critical workforce during the pandemic at GRAIL. Cheri currently serves on BIOCOM’s Purchasing Group Board of Directors, is past recipient of Takeda Pharmaceuticals President’s Award and founded SEEDs Alliance bringing together 600+ biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry stakeholders to green the life sciences.