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Wolf Reik, MD

Director, Cambridge Institute of Science

Wolf Reik, MD
"I decided to join Altos for the amazing opportunity to tackle an incredible science and health mission in an unprecedented collaborative fashion."

Dr. Wolf Reik is the Director of the Altos Cambridge Institute of Science.

Wolf was previously Head of the Epigenetics Programme and subsequently Director of the Babraham Institute in Cambridge. He is also an honorary Professor of Epigenetics at the University of Cambridge. Wolf's lab works on epigenetic reprogramming in development and ageing. They discovered global epigenetic reprogramming and its mechanisms and impacts on mammalian development. Recently they developed new technologies for single cell multi-omics to understand cell fate decisions during development and how cell fate and function degrades during ageing. Applying epigenetic reprogramming to reset cell age they developed a protocol by which human cells can be substantially rejuvenated without loss of cell identity. Wolf is a Fellow of the Royal Society.