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Dolo Diaz, PhD

Global Head and SVP of Discovery and Development Sciences

Dolo Diaz, PhD
"I joined the terrific people at Altos to pursue the discovery and development of transformative medicines that reverse disease and restore cellular health, by leveraging the scientific discoveries of a unique and highly collaborative research model."

Dr. Dolo Diaz is the Senior Vice President and Head of Discovery and Development Sciences at Altos Labs.

Dolo is a translational scientist and drug developer with 20+ years of drug discovery, development, regulatory, team leadership, and organizational leadership experience. Prior to joining Altos, Dolo was the Senior Vice President of Development Sciences at Denali Therapeutics, where she built and led a translational organization that included Omics, DMPK, Bioanalysis, Clinical/Quantitative Pharmacology, and Safety Assessment; led project teams for small molecules and biotherapeutic programs, and had roles in portfolio leadership and oversight, corporate goal setting, and long-range planning. Dolo previously was Head of Discovery Toxicology at Genentech, where she built and led a team in charge of discovery safety strategies for small molecules across therapeutic areas, and had roles in portfolio entry and progression. Before that, she built and led the In-vitro Toxicology group at Eurofins. Dolo received her PhD in Toxicology from the University of Washington, followed by post-doctoral work at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle.