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Thomas Nollie

Vice President, Global Facilities and Site Services

Thomas Nollie
"The vision, culture, & passion for innovation which drives Altos is the long-lasting impression I have wanted on my professional journey."

Thomas Nollie is the Vice President of Global Facilities and Site Services at Altos Labs.

Tom has experience in the management of projects, personnel, and manufacturing plants that include ship construction and repair, plant management, multi-plant management, and engineering design. Tom graduated from the United States Naval Academy where he received his BS degree. He furthered his education with a MSME, MBA, and Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering. Tom held roles as Commanding Officer, Business Manager, Repair Officer, Project Officer for new construction of ships, and Chief Design Engineer of repair facilities. He has held positions as VP/General Manager and President/COO. Tom has most recently held roles as Principal Managing Engineer and Director roles at multiple biotech firms.