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Martin Denzel, PhD

Principal Investigator

Martin Denzel, PhD
"I discovered my love for science as a kid classifying animals in ponds and studying evolution. Since then, my passion only grew and now I am excited to join the team of extraordinary scientists at Altos. Leveraging new synergies, we aim to understand and promote health in aging."

Dr. Martin Denzel is a Principal Investigator at the Altos Labs Cambridge Institute of Science.

Prior to joining Altos, Martin was a research group leader at the Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing in Cologne, Germany. He studies the molecular underpinnings of longevity using high-resolution genetic screens in multiple organisms, including worms and mice. Martin investigates energy and protein metabolism as well as conserved stress signaling pathways that can be tuned to extend survival. To elucidate underlying molecular mechanisms Martin employs structural biology approaches. Recently, his team showed that inhibition of the integrated stress response (ISR) extends lifespan. For his basic research, Martin received support from all major European and German funding organizations, including EMBO and ERC. He aims to apply basic research and co-founded the start-up company Acus Laboratories.