Our mission /n is to restore cell health and resilience through cell rejuvenation /n to reverse disease, injury and the disabilities /n that can occur throughout life

Our missionis to restore cell health and resilience through cell rejuvenationto reverse disease, injury and the disabilitiesthat can occur throughout life


News and Perspectives

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Altos Labs launches with the goal to transform medicine through cellular rejuvenation programming

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Peter Walter receives Frontiers of Knowledge Award in Biology and Biomedicine

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The Inverse reports on 'the cellular reset' and Altos' approach to reversing disease

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The Economist on Altos’ mission to “crack cellular rejuvenation”

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Unraveling the deep biology of cell rejuvenation

Early experiments have shown that the ability of cells to resist stressors that give rise to disease can be restored. At Altos, we are focused on understanding how we can translate this science to help people live healthier lives.

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A unique workplace

Our work draws on the dynamic between a wide range of disciplines and expertise, with a singular focus on our mission. This defines the unique culture of Altos where our diverse teams have the freedom to collaborate broadly with great talent, to translate breakthrough science into breakthrough medicine.